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Missouri River Boat Club removes boat docks to avoid possible flooding damage

Removing parts of the boat dock

Since one o'clock this afternoon, members of the Missouri River Boat Club have been removing parts of their boat dock in case of flooding.

In years past when the Big Sioux River flooded, it's washed away parts of the dock. This has forced the club to spend a substantial amount of money to replace them.

This year they're taking precautions to avoid a repeat.

"So everybody had a lot of money in their docks and their canopies and their lifts so in 2011 the first time it flooded we got everything out just like we're doing tonight. In 2014 by the time we got down here the current was so bad nothing there was no way it was safe to try and take them out," says Missouri River Boat Club Commodore Jim Seivert.

Seivert says the Big Sioux is around 16 feet deep right now and they're expecting it to get to 23- feet by the end of the weekend.

The club says they're unsure when the docks will be put back in.

They'll just have to wait until the water level goes down.

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