MMCRU holds security meeting with parents after revealing shooting threat

MMCRU holds security meeting with parents after revealing shooting threat

Security also on the agenda tonight in Marcus, where the leaders of the MMCRU school district are holding a public meeting to discuss a shooting threat there last week.

Parents complained, saying the administration should have notified them as soon as the school received the information about the threat.

Many parents were frustrated, that they didn't receive the information until today.

More than 50 of them met to express their concerns during the meeting.

"I think we're making some head way, we got some answers that the officials know how we feel also and I think we can meet in the middle hopefully," said parent Chad Harper.

Authorities say the delay in informing people about the threat, was the best way to handle this situation.

The unidentified female student who made threats against the school has been cited for making threats of terrorism.

Her case is pending in juvenile court and she's being monitored by local authorities.

She is not in school.

"Anytime someone makes a remark like that we're going to take it seriously and we're going to treat it as if it's a big deal and we're going to investigate to the furthest that we can. At the conclusion of the investigation, we determined that I do not believe that this is not a credible threat. I also don't believe the student had the means to carry out the threat," said Marcus Police Chief Brian Flikeid.

The Marcus police chief also says tonight's meeting was to clarify and give accurate information about what really happened and says the students were never in immediate danger.

To see the full press release that was sent to parents: click here.

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