MMCRU teacher placed on administrative leave following complaint

MMCRU teacher placed on administrative leave following complaint

An MMCRU middle school math teacher has been put on paid administrative leave after he allegedly picked up an 11-year-old student by his underarms.

We spoke with the student and his father who came to our Siouxland News studios to tell us about what happened last Thursday.

"There's little spots there and that's where his hand had been," said James Carista, 11, a 6th grade student at Marcus Meriden Cleghorn and Remsen Union Schools (MMCRU).

"He picked me up by right here and then put me against the wall and squeezed my arms and said 'if you don't get this done by the end of class, you're going to be doing it at my house," said James Carista.

James Carista said he had been put in time out, for messing around in class with his peers, and that's what led up to the teacher picking him up. After class, James Carista said he reached out for help.

"So I walked into the men's bathroom and I started talking to the police department and telling what had happened," said James Carista.

"My son went to the restroom with his cell phone and called 9-1-1, rather than, when it happens with your teacher, you can't tell the teacher, so he got the police involved. I wouldn't have even thought to do that, especially at his age. I just thought that was a good thing to do," said Jimmy Carista, father of James Carista.

Remsen Police responded and went to the campus to talk with school officials and James Carista about the incident.

"The school counselor was over there, the principal was, I was and so was the police officer," said James Carista.

The family has taken action and filed a complaint with the school, which is currently investigating the accusations.

While the school completes its investigation, the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave. Mike Sparr, Remsen Police Chief, confirmed with Siouxland News they are also investigating the accusations.

"Of course like any parent, I'm pretty upset about it. People seem to be more interested in not dragging this fella's name through the mud than they were my child's psyche and well-being and that's unfortunate. That's got to stop."

Siouxland News is not identifying the teacher because he has not been charged with a crime, nor has he been disciplined by the district. The school expects to have the investigation completed within the next 15 days.

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