More sludge-like substance leaking from Big Ox Energy

More sludge-like substance leaking from Big Ox Energy

Just over a week ago, we showed you footage of a digester at Big Ox Energy that was overflowing with what could be described as waste material or sewage.

Now, it's happening again.

The video above was taken around 7:30 Saturday evening, just behind Big Ox Energy, where you can see the black sludge-like material falling from the roof onto the ground around the plant.

It could be seen surrounding at least two sides of the building and even spilling through a chain-link fence to a nearby gravel road.

Residents who were forced out of their homes two years ago by an odor from Big Ox Energy are frustrated yet again by this ongoing issue.

After the spillage on June 14th, Big Ox Energy sent us a statement saying that the material that was released from the plant was immediately cleaned up and posed no threat to the community.

They have yet to speak on tonight's spill.

While Siouxland News was on scene, officials with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and city officials with South Sioux City were informed of the problem.

Kevin Bradley, spokesperson for Big Ox Energy did email Siouxland News about this recent development saying:

--Big Ox Energy had a low-volume release today from its recycling digester and is retaining it at its site, which poses no threat to the community.
--Big Ox Energy has excavators and other clean-up personnel on site until the site and adjacent areas are completely remediated.
--Big Ox Energy has taken a number of steps to restore its recycling digesters to normal operations and it is reporting its daily progress to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.
--Big Ox Energy continues to be committed to operating safely to create renewable biogas by treating 2 million gallons of wastewater and hundreds of tons of organic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill—the company saves South Sioux City and its taxpayers $900,000 annually from these processes.

For more on the June 14th problem:

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