More wheelchair charging stations are added around Siouxland

    The charging stations are available at Miracle League Field in Riverside Park, Camp High Hopes, <br>Woodbury County Fairgrounds and Snyder Park.<p>{/p}

    "If you've ever been without a cell phone and having to charge how much you can panic there. Let me tell you it's a little worse when it's a wheelchair and your mode of transportation," said Sioux City Councilman Alex Watters.

    And that's why you'll see more wheelchair charging stations popping up around Siouxland.

    It all started last year when the Siouxland District Health Department received a grant from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.

    "Making sure when people are out in our community at the parks or downtown area that they can stay at those locations for a long period of time without having to worry about going home and charging their wheelchairs or scooters," Health Promotion Specialist Angela Drent.

    Sioux City was the first in Iowa to receive a charging station through a pilot program they were a part of through the NCADD.

    The first station in Siouxland was installed at the Martin Luther King Ground Transportation Center and recently they've added four more after receiving another grant from the Siouxland Community Foundation.

    "Miracle League Field in Riverside Park, Camp High Hopes, the fairgrounds and Snyder Park," said Drent.

    "This is a game changer because now you don't have to have that worry," said Watters.

    The charging station is easy to use and it should only take thirty minutes to charge up.

    It even has a USB port and a wall plug.

    A unique feature about the charging boxes is it can last through any type of weather.

    Snow, sleet, rain or a thunderstorm because of the metal box and the cords are coated.

    "We're a community that's inclusive, we're on the cutting edge of these new technologies and offering this for people who have disabilities is setting Sioux City apart. I couldn't be more proud," said Watters.

    Drent says they'll have an additional charging box available for check out for different sporting events or festivals.

    She's also asking for feedback from people who use the stations and taking suggestions on where to put more.

    For her contact information you can email her at

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