Morningside student receives top prize at U Pitch Competition


A Morningside college student's idea to make farming safer, has earned him a $5,000 prize.

Josh Doering is a junior from Hubbard, Iowa.

He invented "Seedslide," a product designed to help farmers open industrial-size boxes of seed without climbing ladders and risking falls.

Monday, he took part in a "U Pitch" competition cosponsored by Capital One, and he took home the top prize.

"My dad is a seed dealer and so twenty to maybe even fifty times a day he would be having to climb up on top of wagons and do this himself and so it was really his problem of experiencing that in day to day operations that was the inspiration for making this happen, making this possible," said Doering

Josh has already sold 30 Seedslides.

Each model costs $850, and is available on his website. Here at:

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