Name of new bar has ties to infamous Sioux City murder

Name of new bar has ties to infamous Sioux City murder

The construction grants have been approved, and construction has begun on an a new Sioux City Bar and Grill. All it needed was a name.

"Well, I've been thinking about this project for a couple of years now and I've been thinking about a name almost as long. Nothing really stuck with all the ideas I came up with," said Jeff Conley, bar owner.

That, however, is no longer an issue for Jeff Conley, owner of this new bar, which now has the name Bodega 401. But what does the name Bodega mean?

"It can mean various things. I know it's a Spanish word, and it can mean wine house, bar room, or even corner store."

What is even more significant is where the name came from. This new rooftop bar and grill actually has ties to 19th century Sioux City history.

"There was a guy named Reverend Haddock who lived in town, and he was a big proponent of prohibition. And there was a guy named John Arensdorf who worked at a brewery at the time, and the two didn't get along very well. And John Aresndorf, allegedly, shot the Reverend Haddock over here on Water Street. It was like a national trial. They acquited Arensdorf, even though there was dozens of people that saw him shoot. So after he was acquited, John Arensdorf opened up his own bar in this exact location and he called it 'The Bodega'," Conley said.

Conley wanted to keep the history alive with this new bar and grill, and feels he can do so with a name like this.

Conley says he hopes the construction will be completed in time for a late spring or early summer opening.

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