New app makes setting off fireworks easier and safer


Fireworks stands are popping up in all Iowa and South Dakota as we enter the summer season where it's legal to use those colorful explosives.

With 4th of July just around the corner lighting off fireworks just got a lot easier and safer.

The Firefly is the new craze in the firework world, it's firing system that's connected by Bluetooth to light of the TNT by the touch of a button.

"A lot of it is safety and a lot of it is just fun to do to light off, and you can play music on it. You can have a really great show without anyone getting hurt," says King Kong Fireworks owner Jerry Peterson.

It'll cost you $199 and King Kong Fireworks owner Jerry Peterson says it's reusable, especially in time for New Years Eve.

"It's a one time buy but you can light it up up to seventy times from each igniter until you have to replace it. Then the igniters are a small fee to replace it so you can use it year after year after you buy it," says Peterson.

Petersen says it's perfect for a one time pop or grand finales.

"You can manual light it if you just want to light one at a time or you can light several at a time up to fifteen shots on each one of them," Peterson says.

He says it's an easy way to light off fireworks.

So all what you need is the firework, Firefly and the igniter.

The igniter comes in seven and fifteen feet.

So first you'll do is grab the igniter and plug it in the box and you'll clasp down on it.

Then you download the Firefly application on your smartphone or tablet, decide if you want to add music or not, then press fire.

Peterson says if you plan on shooting off fireworks make sure you have a bucket of water or a hose near you if it's dry outside.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase fireworks and Sioux City officials say lighting off fireworks within city limits is only allowed July 3rd and 4th from 1 to 11 PM.

Discharging fireworks in a public park, on city- owned property or a public roadway, street or alley is prohibited.

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