New Holiday Inn Express now open in the Dunes

New Holiday Inn Express now open in the Dunes

It's been a full year of work but the new Holiday Inn Express here in Dakota Dunes is finally open.

"We've always wanted to kind of find the right opportunity to develop here. I just think there's a lot of real positive things economically going on here," said Tim Rutjes, who helped construct the hotel.

That opportunity for development came in the form of a new 92 room, $14 million hotel.

Rutjes said, "This particular Holiday Inn Express is their new formula blue prototype. This is a much more contemporary design, it's much more orientated towards technology. It's set up for business travelers, it's set up for leisure travelers, it's just a beautiful new design concept all the way throughout."

An event space connected to the hotel will open on June 25th, with finishing touches being put on these next two weeks.

"Event spaces and hotels, there's a lot of synergy between the two elements. The event space will act as sort of creating its own demand in general for the hotel," said Rutjes.

Rutjes says the best thing about opening a new property like the hotel is getting to know the community they are serving.

He said, "I think that's always the most exciting thing whenever we open a new property is just establishing ourselves with a new community and really getting to know everyone around us and really get to be involved in the community."

From the guests in the hotel to the people using the event space, Rutjes thinks everyone will be satisfied with their stay.

"Anybody who were to have an event here or wedding I just think they'll be really pleased with the caliber of space we created here," he said.

The event space will be able to hold about 500 people for events.

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