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New IV Therapy clinic offers unique supplemental treatments for Siouxlanders

New IV Therapy clinic offers unique supplemental treatments for Siouxlanders (Siouxland News)
New IV Therapy clinic offers unique supplemental treatments for Siouxlanders (Siouxland News)
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They've popped up in cities across the country, providing a way to boost immunity, feel rehydrated, and improve your overall wellness. Now, Siouxland has its own IV Hydration clinic with ALIVE Hydration Spa in Dakota Dunes.

"IV therapy is a kind of supplemental treatment option for patients that we are using fluids and supplements and vitamins and giving it directly into the bloodstream," said Dr. Austin Ferguson, an anesthesiologist and founder of ALIVE.

At ALIVE, they offer IV therapy and booster treatments for everything from immunity to dehydration, energy IV's to ones that help your skin. "It's good for all ages, all patients, kind of endless. It just really depends on what you are looking for and what symptoms you're having," said Ferguson.

Siouxland News News Director and Anchor Diana Castillo tried her first IV therapy this week. "Diana is getting a treatment of immunity right now. So to kind of help prevent colds, flus, even helps with allergies. It'll even have a little bit of benefit for kind of skin color as well with the vitamin C that's in there. And then just overall hydration too. That's also a benefit, just her overall feeling good," Ferguson explained.

The immunity IV includes a bag of IV fluids, plus vitamin C, B complex Vitamins and Zinc. "Our biggest thing is we want you to be feeling your best and so when you come into ALIVE Hydration Spa, we want you to feel relaxed, feel at home," said Ferguson. "We don't want you to feel stressed about getting treatment that day. So anything we can do to alleviate that we're here to help."

The IV treatments take about an hour from start to finish. The boosters, which are shots they inject take just minutes. One of the other IV hydration treatments they offer is NAD.

"It's very responsible in our metabolism and really in cellular function overall," Dr. Steve Ferguson explained about NAD. "So it's very, very fundamental to our normal physiology. NAD levels though, decrease with birthdays as we age. Dr. Ferguson is an optometrist at Dunes Eye Consultants and does NAD Therapy.

"I have a vested interest as a patient and as a consumer of NAD as well as a doctor looking at it critically for perhaps patients that I take care of as well," he explained. He takes the therapy to help with glaucoma. NAD therapy can also help with other degenerative diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia. "The idea behind IV NAD therapy is to try to keep those levels at a higher degree or higher level and optimize the level to reduce risk."

IV therapy is more beneficial experts say because it's absorbed directly into the bloodstream. With pills or injections, many of those benefits are lost. At ALIVE Hydration Spa, their goal is to improve your overall wellness.. with safety at the forefront.

"We want to offer 100% safety. That's our number one goal here," said Austin Ferguson. "Our treatments are safe for you. CUT TO And that this is we can offer you the best treatment option for your goals and overall wellness."

For more information about ALIVE Hydration Spa, you can follow them on Facebook.

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