New Pilger Fire Station after 2014 twin tornadoes destroyed old one

New Pilger Fire Station after 2014 twin tornadoes destroyed old one

It's been four years since the twin tornadoes swept through the Village of Pilger, Nebraska, leaving several of the houses and buildings around town destroyed, including the fire station.

"The first 15 months we were out of service. we didn't have a place," says Rescue Captain AJ Kluthe.

Rescue Captain AJ Kluthe says they did what they could in an emergency.

"We would still respond in our own vehicles but we couldn't transport them so we would have to wait 15 minutes for an ambulance to come," says Kluthe.

In the time of them being out of service nearby stations helped out and the Pilger Station was back on it's feet, but without a station of their own, just a building.

"Through the process of rebuilding it took us four years but we got our fire department back," says Kluthe.

In March they were able to move into their new station which cost just under a one-million dollars.

Kluthe says they were able to fund it through donations, FEMA and insurance.

The department had to replace several items from the old station but luckily the fire trucks weren't one because they were out on scene during the tornados.

"We actually had the fire trucks, two fire trucks and an ambulance already in route to another tornado that was previously sighted," says Kluthe.

In honor of Pilger Days, they're showcasing their new station along with a ceremony on their new station.

Kluthe says regardless of the tragic event, the Pilger Fire Station is ready for anything.

"We are prepared, we are ready and we're training. For everything to respond to anything that comes at us," says Kluthe.

During the ceremony tomorrow there will also be a BBQ, live music and firefighter awards.

This evening kicked off Pilger Days.

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