New Popeye's location is now open

New Popeye's location is now open.

It didn't get quite the same attention as the first store but a second Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen opened today in Sioux City.

This store is located on the 800 block of Hamilton Boulevard.

The store opened at 10:30 this morning.

The line of customers wasn't quite as long as the first store that opened on Singing Hills Boulevard in August, but they were just as happy to finally get their Louisiana style chicken.

Justin Laird, owner of the restaurant has this to say, "Sioux City is a great market. When we came down about two years ago and looked at the market we knew it was the right demo and knew it would fit really well here. Since this is our second store in the market, we're able to do all the promotions. So we've got $10 for ten mixed pieces of chicken or tenders too and starting on Monday we'll have our new boneless barbecue wing special too."

Laird and his business partner also opened two Popeye's locations in Sioux Falls during the past year.

Popeye's was started in New Orleans in 1972, and has grown to more than 2,000 locations across the globe.

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