New training option for local pets

New training option for local pets

After the official ribbon cutting today, the Dogwood Pet Hotel and Day Spa is now the only place in the Siouxland area to offer a new type of training called levels obedience training.

Rather than signing up for a course that lasts for multiple weeks, this type of training is more flexible for the customer and allows them to choose when they want to come to class.

Dogwood's owner Sue Griffith says, "With the levels training, you get a punch card and we offer several different times during the week that you can come for the training and so if you're out of town you just don't come that week and you can come twice the next week."

Levels obedience is expected to meet the needs of busy customers so they have time to bond with their dogs and are also successful in training them.

Jalene Kuiken is a daycare manager and trainer and says, "It's a better bonding experience with your dogs. They always listen better if you create a special bond with them and it's fun for your dogs and everything too."

If you're interested in training your dog, you can give the Dogwood Pet Hotel a call at ( 605) 232-3647 or visit their website ( or visit them on Facebook.

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