Norfolk PD start up Trade Safe Program

Norfolk PD start up Trade Safe Program

Due to the rising popularity of online exchange forms and the need for a safe area for child custody exchanges, the Norfolk Police Division has initiated a new Trade Safe Program.

Norfolk Police Division encourages the use of the front parking lot and lobby of the police station, located at 202 N. 7th Street, as a meeting place for exchanges.

This may include pre-arranged online transactions or child custody exchanges.

This initiative is an attempt to minimize frauds and thefts, which have occurred when meeting with a stranger, and to facilitate a safe area for child custody exchanges.


· This service is available daily between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. at the Norfolk Police Division located at 202 North 7th street.

· In the event of an emergency, parties must call 911 to receive assistance. NPD will not provide an employee to supervise the transactions.

· All exchanges and transactions are purely civil matters. NPD will not intervene in any way into the transaction.

· No weapons, drugs, medication or hazardous items will be allowed to be traded at this location.

· Under no circumstances may any children or items be left unattended on NPD property. If any children are left unattended, a criminal investigation will be initiated and the responsible party will be criminally prosecuted.

· Upon request, NPD employees may check to see if an item has been reported stolen. If the item is found to be stolen, an officer will seize the property. No refunds or compensation will be provided for items found to be stolen.

· All buyers and sellers are encouraged to verify the identity of persons they are interacting with.

· Video surveillance of the front parking lot and lobby area inside the police station will be retained for 30 days. Any requests for video from the "TRADE SAFE" area must be made within that timeframe and must be submitted in writing . Any request beyond 30 days cannot be accommodated.

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