Northwest Iowa business expanding its operations

Northwest Iowa business expanding its operations

A Northwest Iowa company is expanding its operation and adding dozens of new jobs.

VT industries is one of the biggest businesses in Northwest Iowa and their new expansion will up their production six-fold.

While ground was broken for this project in 2016, the ribbon cutting was held today.

VT President, Douglas Clausen said, "This is a big step for VT industries we've been growing rapidly for the best ten years and the market has really grown for us and we really needed more capacity to be able to service our customers."

It's more than likely you've seen the products VT industries out of Holstein Iowa produces.

That's because they produce doors of all kinds and are one of the largest suppliers of doors and counter tops, doing business all over the world.

"We ship mostly in North America, in Canda and the US. We also have a pretty strong market in the middle East so we follow some US architects over into the Middle East and we sell some pretty big projects over there," said Jason Farver, COO of VT Indudstries.

Now with their new expansion, VT Industries will be able to produce 20,000 doors out of their facility a week or 1,000,000 doors a year, which will create 60 new jobs.

Clausen said, "We've never found a better work ethic in the country than what we have here in Northwest Iowa, it's our roots and it's the foundation of the culture that our business is built on."

VT has been a major contributor to Holstein's economic growth and this expansion means the town of Holstein will also continue to grow.

"We try to work with them, meet the needs, of course infrastructure becomes how can we provide the infrastructure and housing for the employees which is exactly what we are trying to do is to have growth here in Holstein," said Holstein Mayor, Connie Ludvigson.

And while the process has been a long one, it's one Farver says was well worth the wait.

"It's been a long process but I think people are excited about the expansion, we got new break rooms and some new technology that will be nice for every body," said Farver.

Farver told me this is the biggest expansion VT has done in their 61 years of existence.

He says it will help them continue to grow and remain market leaders in the door and counter top business.

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