Northwest Iowa company gives helping hand to Operation BBQ Relief

Northwest Iowa company gives helping hand to Operation BBQ Relief

A Northwest Iowa manufacturing company is doing their part in helping give back when natural disasters strike.

Maintainer Custom Bodies in Sheldon partnered with Operation BBQ Relief and designed them a truck that will serve as a one stop mobile repair shop while on the road.

Today, Maintainer presented Operation BBQ Relief that truck.

Members of Operation BBQ Relief were awarded keys to this customized truck, which will be aiding members of Operation BBQ Relief in their efforts to help citizens who have been affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

If you don't know what the guys from Operation BBQ Relief do, they go to areas that have been hit with natural disasters and bring what they do best to the people in those areas.

Barbecue teams from eight states help feed families, relief workers, and emergency personnel in these areas.

Maintainer Custom Bodies President, Shelley Morris said, "We gained a great appreciation for what they do and during that time we decided that we wanted to be more than just a vendor, we wanted to be a partner."

Maintainer decided to customize the foundation a truck that will hold all the necessary tools that could possibly go into fixing equipment they may need.

"Having that equipment on site, having the ability to have those tools to fix those things, as well as the parts, and the miscellaneous pieces that we need to fix them with, is huge," said Co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, Will Cleaver

Months of work went into getting the truck ready, with the project starting in September.

Morris said, "It's a fantastic organization and it's strictly volunteer driven, there's six or seven thousand volunteers to do this everyday, so for us to be part of it, to take what we do here everyday and give back was really important."

A generous gift like this to the organization will do wonders for everyone involved at Operation BBQ Relief.

"Having one vehicle that can maintain our equipment when we are on the road and when we are deployed is critically important in staying deployed, and being able to get the meals out to people that need them," said Cleaver.

The truck used was a 2018 Dodge Ram 5500 crew cab loaded with tool boxes, fuel pump, welder, generator, jump start, and an air compressor.

On a major disaster those items could help support 200 volunteers and two to three large smoking rigs that could serve up to 55,000 meals a day.

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