Northwest Iowa's Chapter of American Red Cross sends three volunteers for Harvey relief

Northwest Iowa's Chapter of American Red Cross sends three volunteers for Harvey relief

The Northwest Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross will be sending three volunteers to aid in Harvey relief

With so much disaster and devastation whirling through Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey, it will be all hands on deck.

So much so, even volunteers from our neck of the woods will be heading south to do their part but both are more than ready to do their part.

Randall Hitchcock, a volunteer said, "It's something that a lot of people have in their heart that they want to go do it but they just hesitate. And I'm at a position, why hesitate, lets do something different."

"It's just an unbeleivable feeling. Until you do it you don't know. It just makes you feel like you're doing something and being apart of something," said volunteer Jacci Skogerboe.

For Jacci, this isn't her first go around. Being apart of the Red Cross for ten years, she was deployed during Hurricane Sandy.

"It was just a mess and lots of shelters, lots of hurting people. It was a tough one," said Skogerboe.

Randall will be making his first deployment.

Hitchcock said, "It'll be an awarding experience because then you get to meet other people from that area, that are displaced, and you get to meet other people from all over the United States that are doing the same type of job."

Randall said even though he's as prepared as he can be, nothing can truly prepare you for what might be down there.

"It's not a preparation anyone could prepare for. You just gotta think the worst cause that's what it's going to be," continued Hitchcock.

And while volunteering is very rewarding, in the big picture of things, there's only one real reason these volunteers do what they do.

"That's all you can hope for, the Red Cross and the other services available can provide as much as we can to these clients and these people who have lost everything so," said Skogerboe.

The volunteers will be helping for a minimum of two weeks, but could easily be there for months depending on the circumstances.

Jackie left this afternoon and Randall will be leaving tomorrow. A third volunteer left earlier today.

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