Northwestern College celebrating new $24.5 million building

Northwestern College celebrating new $24.5 million building

It's the latest addition at the Northwestern College campus in Orange City.

The Jack and Mary DeWitt Family Science Center, a $24.5 million building for health and natural sciences.

"Yes, it will benefit all the students,"said Dr. Julie Dragstra, Assistant Professor of Nursing.

The new building features wide open windows, roomy laboratories and classrooms for faculty and students, even equipped with a nursing floor and a 960 sq. ft. greenhouse.

"We've just had incredible support from donors, both large and small gifts from across the country that have made this building possible," said Duane Beeson, Director of Marketing and Communications.

What's more, the new building gives easier access for nursing students; now they'll on campus, instead of an off-campus site.

"We're just really excited to be on campus rather than renting the space from the old hospital, so all of our students and faculty can be in one space," said Dragstra.

School officials say, this building will better prepare students for academic success.

"It's going to enhance the learning for the students with the different opportunities that we have in this building," said Dragstra.

"The building is named the DeWitt Family Science Center after Jack and Mary DeWitt who gave a $6 million gift. Their family has been long supporters of Northwestern College, very generous, not only financially but just in terms of encouragement, Jack was a member of our board for a number of years," said Beeson.

Students will be moving into the new building at the end of October.

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