Offices switch to stand up desks for health benefits

    Offices switch to stand up desks for health benefits

    It's something we do everyday, some more than others.

    And what most people don't know , how detrimental it is to our health.

    "I think most of us know being physically active is positive but we have a hard time thinking of the reverse as far as what sitting does for us," says Dr. Jason Losee.

    It's surfing across the internet as the so called "sitting disease" on websites like

    So I asked a physician to see if the "sitting disease" is real.

    "I don't know a particular sitting disease," says Dr. Losee.

    But sitting all day isn't a habit you shouldn't pick up.

    "There are a quite a number of disease processed that are associated with prolong sitting," says Dr. Losee.

    Dr. Losee says sitting all day can lead to a higher chance of developing diabetes, high cholesterol, maintaining body weight, heart attack, strokes and even cancer.

    "People who spent every hour spent sitting, there was eleven percent increase over seven year period of time of overall mortality, risk of dying," says Dr. Losee.

    This is most commonly found in officer workers, truck drivers and basically anyone who spends the majority of the day sitting.

    There's one thing you can do to potentially stop that and Dr. Losee says it's easier then you think.

    Well it's staying active during work, bettering your posture with a seat insert or excessive ball and most popular, stand up desks.

    When you're sitting you feel stuck and tied to the chair. When you're standing you feel like you're more free," says Michael McDaniel.

    Michael McDaniel is the Human Resources Manager at Vanbeek Natural Sciences and he says a few months ago he requested a stand up desk for the health benefits.

    "Having the mobility to stand up it takes the pressure off your joints and it just an overall better feeling to stand," says McDaniel.

    Down the street is the marketing and sales office for Vanbeek Natural Sciences and Marketing Manager Jacob Ahlers says stand up desks are perfect for a collaborative work environment.

    When I'm working with people at my desk it being able to sit down or stand up whatever is appropriate and it helps with that collaboration. Talking around my desk is a heck of a lot better when we're at the same level where we can comfortably have a conversation with your coworkers," says Jacob Ahlers.

    Ahlers says something that helped tremendously when he made the switch was a sponge pad to stand on.

    Both Vanbeek Natural Sciences Employees say the desks not only improved their work ethic, but mood overall.

    "When you get that 2:30 feeling you start to get a little tired you can stand up at that point and wake back up if you will," says Ahlers.

    "I feel actually better after leaving a day of work," says McDaniel.

    "But people are going to do what makes them feel better and as you make that apart of your day it will make you feel better," says Dr. Losee.

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