UPDATE: Dakota City woman charged with 1st degree murder enters not guilty plea

UPDATE: Dakota City woman charged with 1st degree murder enters not guilty plea

UPDATE: A Dakota City woman charged with 1st degree murder has entered a written plea of not guilty.

20-year-old Melissa Camargo-Flores is charged with the murder of Kenia Alvarez-Florez, 24, outside her home on the 1200 block of West 14th street on April 8th.

Trial date set for July 10th.

Camargo-Flores remains in custody in the Woodbury County jail on a $500,000 bond.


We're learning more about what led to a deadly stabbing Sunday morning at a home on West 14th street.

Sioux City Police have now released the victim's name as well as the motive of the attacker.

We learned this morning that Kenia Alvarez- Flores (24) was attacked and stabbed to death outside her home on West 14th street Sunday morning allegedly by Melissa Camargo- Flores (20) all over a love interest.

"We determined throughout the investigation that the suspect had waited outside the victims residence and was waiting for her to go to work and as she was walking to her car to get in and go to work she was approached by the suspect and stabbed multiple times," said Detective Nick Thompson, Sioux City Police Department.

The victim, Kenia Alvarez-Flores was pronounced dead at the hospital, her alleged attacker, Melissa Camargo-Flores will be charged with first degree murder.

Police say the stabbing and murder was premeditated.

Thompson said, "I'm not going to get into the specifics about what the issues are that they've had ongoing to protect the integrity of the case, I'm just going to tell you they've had multiple ongoing issues."

Court documents say the issues stem from relationships both the victim and suspect had with the victim's boyfriend.

Sioux City Police Chief, Rex Mueller said, "Unfortunately homicides of this nature, are crimes of passion very often, and there's no predicting, there's no saying when or when these won't happen. So for us to say this could have been prevented, no, these things happen unfortunately."

It's already the fourth homicide of the year in Sioux City, the second involving victims in their twenties.

"We usually hover around two homicides a year, that is generally what we see in Sioux City. Those stats can change and this has been a difficult year for Sioux City," said Mueller.

Even though the number of homicides is already above what Sioux City saw last year, and we're not even halfway through this year, Chief Mueller insists this community is safe.

He said, "I know people tend to make judgments about the community, this was a very specific act, with somebody who had a very specific victim in mind. Does that make our community unsafe? Absolutely not. This is a very safe community."

Melissa Camargo-Flores is in the Woodbury County jail right now, her bond is set at $500,000 and her court appearance is scheduled for April 19th.


Sioux City Police hold press conference to release the latest information on Sunday's fatal stabbing on W 14th.

Police identify the victim as Kenia Alverez-Flores, 24 .

Police say that Alverez-Flores died from numerous stab wounds.

Detective Nick Thompson said the two women had multiple issues with each other and they are not related.

The suspect, Melissa Camargo-Flores, 20 , is currently in the Woodbury County Jail on a $500,000 bond and charged with 1st Degree Murder.

Previous Story:

One person is dead and another in custody after a stabbing on Sioux City's westside Sunday morning.

The incident happened at the 1200 block of West 14th Street.

Sioux City Police responded to the call just before 8:00 A.M. where they found a victim with multiple stab wounds.

The victim, who is not being identified at this time, was taken to the hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

Responding officers were able to identify a suspect and suspect vehicle and conducted a stop at 16th and Douglas.

The suspect, identified at 20-year-old Melissa Camargo Flores of Dakota City, NE, was found with a self-inflicted stab wound and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

She has since been booked into the Woodbury County Jail on one count of 1st Degree Murder.

Sioux City Police will be releasing more information Monday morning during a press conference.

Stay with Siouxland News for the latest details.

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