Over $15k raised to provide halo sleep sacks to newborn Norfolk area babies

Over $15k raised to provide halo sleep sacks to newborn Norfolk area babies

A couple weeks ago we brought you the story of two Norfolk area mothers who lost their children to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Today, those mothers partnered with Norfolk Faith Regional Health Services to raise money and awareness as part of what's called the Norfolk Area Big Give.

The Briggs and Barrett project have a simple goal, supply every baby that comes out of the hospital with a halo sleep sack.

To accomplish that goal, community members and hospital staff have been riding stationary bikes all day.

Volunteers have been trading spots pedaling these bikes all morning, afternoon, and evening.

They are raising money for "The Briggs and Barrett Project," an organization started by two mothers who lost their children to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The two mothers are now using their experiences to help educate other parents and supply every baby that leaves Norfolk Faith Regional Health Services a halo sleep sack.

Melissa West of the Briggs and Barrett project said, "It's going to make such an impact in the lives of the families here in Norfolk and we're hoping surrounding communities. It's only ten dollars is what we need per baby to make a difference here at the hospital."

And with riders doing 30 minutes each on the bikes, at $1 per mile, the two organizations are hoping to raise more than enough money, both having the goal of promoting good sleep habits for babies, through the donation of the halo sleep sack.

"It's a great way to have babies get back to sleep. Babies sleeping on their backs, swaddled without those extra blankets. And being as safe as they possibly can be," said Jake Claussen, Norfolk Faith Regional Health Services.

While the volunteers are mostly hospital staff, the project still means a lot to them because some of them are mothers and fathers.

"I had a child just six months ago and so I can understand in that moment just the kind of sleeplessness you have going on and wanting everything to go alright," said volunteer rider, Michael Ortmeier.

Hopefully, with the funds raised, parents can sleep a little easier knowing their newborns will have a brand new sleep sack to go home with, all thanks to two moms and some volunteers riding a bike.

"There's roughly 900 babies born at the hospital a year. So we just need to raise money so that we can help our project grow and do things to raise more awareness," said Allison Uecker, Briggs and Barrett Project.

As of 5 o'clock, the Briggs and Barrett Project has raised over $15,000 on over 350 donations.

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