SC Public Museum hosts walking Historic 4th Street Tour

    Historic 4th St tour

    More than 40 people took a stroll into the past when they took part in a walking history tour of Sioux City's Historic 4th Street.

    The hour-long walk hosted by the Sioux City Public Museum started at 4th and Virginia Streets with a speaker highlighting the 19th century architectural style of the current buildings and some structures from the past.

    “Whether you lived here your whole life or whether your new. I think learning more around you and learning the history of a place is so important,” said Tom Munson, Archive Manager at Sioux City Public Museum.

    “Some people shrug their shoulders at local history but some people get really excited about it and for the people who were really excited I wanted to cater to them and what the town means to them and what it means to me, “said Haley Aguirre, Archive Records Clerk at Sioux City Public Museum.

    Historic 4th Street which for many years was called the Lower 4th because of its neglected buildings, and high crime rate has been nominated to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

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