Plante family request denied

Plante family request denied

Sioux City's City Council taken to task tonight after denying a request for compensation from a man injured after his SUV was hit by a city bus in 2016.

Elisabeth Murdach is a close friend of the Plante family and came forward today to speak on their behalf.

Chad Plante's doctor's requested that Chad use a treadmill and some type of software to help aid in his recovery.

Plante's attorney requested that the city pay for the treadmill and software but roughly two weeks ago in a closed session the city council decided to veto that request.

At today's meeting, Mayor Bob Scott refused to answer any questions brought forth and we were told city council was not allowed to comment at this point in time.

Murdach says, "As a tax payer and as a close friend of the family, why are my tax dollars being used to fight what could obviously help this man in the long run? Why are we fighting this? Shouldn't we be helping our citizens to get well again."

The city has been paying for some of the Plante family's expenses including the wages he would've earned while working, respite care and some yard work.

At this point in time, there is no lawsuit filed against the city, however, Elisabeth thinks one will be in the near future.

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