Police investigating attempted abduction in Morningside

Police investigate attempted abduction

A scare for a Morningside family, who says a man tried to lure a 10 year old girl from their backyard before he disappeared.

Siouxland isn't immune from incidents like this happening.

So, how do you keep your kids safe?

We got some tips from an investigator with the Sioux City Police Department.

Yesterday evening around 5:00, a ten year old girl claimed she was approached by a man in her backyard, saying he was trying to grab her.

Authorities are looking into the case but also trying to shed some light on what to do in these situations.

In an alley behind the 1900 block of South Cypress, a ten year old girl says she was almost abducted out of her backyard.

Authorties aren't calling it an attempted abduction but rather "enticing away a child."

Still a scary moment for any parent but also a good learning lesson for all involved.

Sgt. Ryan Bertrand said, "Talk with your kids have a plan do a little "what if" with them find those teachable moments, like hey if this person came up and asked you for a ride right now what would you do? Or what would you say to them? How would you get away? Have those conversations with your kids when you can."

Sgt. Bertrand saying kids need to avoid the obvious ploys.

"Some of the lures that they'll use is candy, come look at my puppy, anything like that. If the person is unknown to the child the child needs to turn and get away," Bertrand said.

In the case of this ten year old girl, she was being grabbed, and Sgt Bertrand has tips for that instance as well.

Bertrand said, "The best advice would be that the child let whomever it may be this is not my father, this is not my mother, I'm being taken. Because it could look like a parent dealing with one of their own unruly children who's have a temper tantrum. So it's very important that the child express that they're being taken and what's going on."

Since the child was taken right outside her home in the alley, Bertrand says it's important to stay vigilant.

"Anything that people can be aware of, visualize in your neighborhood, be aware of suspicious vehicles, or people that aren't there. So it isn't just the kids to be vigilant but also for the adults near it to keep an eye out for it as well for suspicious strangers, no license plates, or get descriptions, take a second look at people," said Bertrand.

The man who is suspected of attempting to entice away that ten year old is described as a tall white man in his early twenties with dark hair.

The investigation is still ongoing and if anyone knows anything about the man or incident described please contact Sioux City PD.

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