Popeyes Chicken bringing two locations to Sioux City

Popeyes Chicken bringing two locations to Sioux City

If you like chicken, you're going to love this.

Two Popeyes are coming to Sioux City.

The first restaurant should pop- up here in Singing Hills by Sam's Club and the Cubby's gas station in April or May.

The other will be off Hamilton Boulevard near Wesley Parkway.

It'll open about a month later.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is famous for Cajun - style chicken.

When the first restaurant opened in Sioux Falls, things got crazy.

"Just a line out the door every single morning, and then at night we have to set up cones and say, 'look, we can not serve you anymore, we have to get ready for tomorrow.' That didn't stop for a month, so, yeah, the police were there, they were directing traffic," said franchisee Justin Laird.

Around 120 employees will be hired.

An area manager and general managers will be hired first.

If you're interested in a job:

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