Portion of appeal granted for convicted murder

Portion of appeal granted for convicted murder

A man convicted of murder in 2016 has had part of his sentence overturned.

Two years ago, Timothy Schroeder was convicted of murdering Dustin Wilder at Wilder's home in Sloan.

He was also convicted of being a habitual offender and a felon in possession of a firearm and going armed with intent.

Schroeder challenged that part of the sentence.

Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals dismissed most of his appeal, but did agree there were issues with the "habitual offender" enhancement on those two charges.

The justices sent his case back to Woodbury County for a hearing on the matter and a possible adjustment of Schroeder's sentence.

He's already serving life without parole for murder.

But the court says the new sentencing is needed in case Schroeder's life sentence is ever overturned or commuted.

A date for that hearing has not been set.

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