Protesters rally for equality after local Days Inn controversy

Protesters rallying in front of the Days Inn for Equality.

This weekend's room rental controversy between a Native American woman and the Singing Hills Days Inn now including a protest outside that hotel for equality.

More than 25 protesters rallied in honor of equality in front of the Days Inn and they didn't let the rain stop them.

This all started when a Native American woman was declined to rent a room from the hotel for using her Tribal Card.

The organizer of the protest today was a completely different person who says she's concerned about people of color or minorities standing alone.

She says she wants to stop how frequent incidents like this occur.

"They're becoming more and more frequent we don't want it to be normal. We want to point out that this not normal and this isn't right. If someone is going through something like this we want to show them our support but at the same time there are still two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth. We just want to make sure that all of our people aren't painted with the same paint brush," says organizer Heather Lamere.

One of the protesters says he wasn't surprised when he saw Heather's story on social media because this is a constant battle for minorities.

"As racism, discrimination things that divide people. We live in a country now where this is the perfect time for us to come together and we see non-natives relatives as well. So we're here to say that's not okay," says Yankton Sioux Tribe member Michael O'Connor.

The controversy has spread far and wide on Facebook with over 250-thousand views of a video Heather Baxter posted of her speaking with the front desk.

She and her family attended the protest and says she's seeking legal advice on her next move.

This was the apology from the Days Inn they posted on their Facebook page.

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