Providence Medical Center celebrates major milestone after being under construction

Providence Medical Center celebrates major milestone after being in contruction for years

Providence Medical Center in Wayne, Nebraska celebrated a major milestone this afternoon.

The hospital has been under renovation for over two years and today, they opened their doors to show their community their remodeled facilities. CEO Jim Frank says his staff played a big part in making sure this day happened.

Frank told us, "To our employees who have worked the last two and a half years in a construction zone. We're awful proud of the fact that we've kept a fully functional hospital throughout this process and the patients and residents basically have a new hospital at this point for our community and our service area. We're just awful proud of that."

For the medical staff, the added stress from the renovations were all worth it in the end.

"It just makes me happy to see the patients happy. I think as a healing environment, I think they heal better, they do better. Patients are happy. Staff are happy. The visitors and the family are happy, you know, they walk into the facility and it's beautiful. They feel like they're maybe in a bigger community and we're just in small Wayne America. It's been a great improvement for everybody, " Abby Wragge, a nurse at Providence Medical Center, said to us.

Today's open house included guided tours of the hospital, plus the chance to meet and talk with the medical staff.

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