UPDATE: Puppy stolen from South Sioux City pet shop recovered

Puppy stolen from South Sioux City pet shop

UPDATE: The Velvet Poodle has said on Facebook that the stolen puppy has been recovered.

The pet store says the dog was left in the lobby of the Sioux City Police station.

Authorities are investigating a theft at Velvet Poodle Pet Shop in South Sioux City where another puppy was stolen tonight.

South Sioux City Police were called to the Dakota Avenue pet shop around 5:45 this evening.

The owner tells us, four teenagers, two males and two females, all believed to be white, went upstairs and stole a Chihuahua-Fox Terrior Mix puppy.

They ran out and took off in a four-door White Ford Truck.

"These four teenagers, I'm not sure would know enough to take good care of a puppy like this, so please be on the look out for this puppy. We would like it returned as soon as possible," said Heather Campbell, owner.

This is the second time that puppies have been stolen from Velvet Poodle. Back in September, four puppies were stolen after a break in at the pet shop.

All four puppies were recovered a few weeks later.

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