Residents reflect on long two weeks after Andersen Farms grain elevator comes down

Residents reflect on long two weeks after Anderson Farms grain elevator comes down

It took nearly two weeks but at last the Andersen Grain Elevator has come down and residents are back in their homes.

The overall feeling in South Sioux City was relief, it has been a very long two weeks for everyone involved, now everyone from displaced residents to city officials are excited to return back to some form of normalcy.

Lt. Chernock said, "There was a lady that came up to our command post shortly after we gave them the green light to go back home and just ran in and gave everybody hugs. Said she didn't care or know who anybody was but she wanted to give everybody hugs."

After almost two weeks, residents in 26 houses got to return home after the Andersen Farm grain elevator was finally brought down to a safe level.

"You're going to see things gets cleaned up here in the next several days and it's business back to normal again," said Chernock.

One resident who was displaced during that two week span was Matt Rowe, who works for Stephan Welding, a business that was working out of their traveling vehicle while their shop was within the barricades.

Rowe said, "With no one being able to get a hold of you, you know, through your office phone, it's kind of hit and miss. We kept busy for a few days but for the most part there's been a lot of down time."

Even though the business was out of commission for the most part, Rowe applauds how everything was handled.

He said, "I think they handled it really well. You know they said they weren't going to start until Monday, they got an early start on it last week so he hit his time frame. You know they said it'd be down Monday, they brought it down Monday so I got a lot of respect for the contractor that's taking it down. He's working his butt off hes done an excellent job."

For Lt. Chernock, it's been two weeks of tension and restless nights but now nothing but relief.

He said, "Very relieved that this is done to this point and that no one was hurt and no property was damaged other than what was intended to be damaged and the folk are back in their house. we're very happy about that and very happy for them."

Power and gas was turned back on for the displaced residents within hours of them getting to return home.

Terminal Solutions will continue their work on the remainder of the elevator until the entire structure is torn down.

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