RiverCade announces 22nd annual Youth Fishing Derby

RiverCade announces 22nd annual Youth Fishing Derby

The 22nd Annual RiverCade Youth Fishing Derby is kicking off in a few weeks.

This year event organizers are looking for local adult fishing enthusiasts to help teach kids how to fish and guide them during the weekend event on June 2nd.

Each child who participates will receive a new rod, reel, and a shoreline lunch.

"And that's why it's so important to me, out of all the events I've done and I facilitated a lot, I've created a lot and this is the one I'm most proud of gang. We've taken 8,500 fishing. We're taking 400 this year and I need a hundred of you to help guide them," said organizer Phyl Claeys.

A $5 dollar pre-registration fee is required, which can be purchased at the Bacon Creek Country Store on Gordon Drive.

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