Rural paramedic concerns for 2018

Rural paramedic concerns for 2018

First responders gathered at the Climbing Hill offices of Woodbury County Emergency Services.

Emergency Services Director Gary Brown says the county's lone paramedic won't be able to handle the case load when Siouxland Paramedics stops offering its services.

He's asked the board of supervisors to hire three more paramedics but so far the board has refused.

Rocky De Witt attended the meeting in Climbing Hill and said, "Right now we're having problems with finding the funding to replace the paramedics that Siouxland paramedics provides now until December 31st but it's an ongoing problem and it's probably not going to get better."

Tonight's meeting with supervisor De Witt was designed to come up with a solution for making sure the higher level, specialized medical care a paramedic provides can continue to be offered to rural residents.

He also said, ""We're in a tough spot. County wide we're in a tough spot. It's a difficult situation for all. I'm hearing from all the municipalities out here that not all their calls are just from the town."

Emergency Services Director Gary Brown plans to take the ideas gathered tonight to tomorrow's board of supervisors meeting in hopes a solution can be found.

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