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SafePlace using funds from Siouxland Sleepout as flexible funding for homeless

SafePlace (Siouxland News)
SafePlace (Siouxland News)
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Every year people gather for the Annual Siouxland Sleepout, for 18 years donations have been made to several non-profits who help our homeless population.

SafePlace is one of the six benefiting organizations in this edition of Impact Beyond the Sleepout which is taking place Friday, November 4th at Cone Park.

SafePlace is an agency for domestic violence survivors, but they also deal with people who are deemed 'homeless' at times.

Over the last 12 months, they've housed 587 adults and children in the shelter.

"That is homelessness. So that's a pretty big number. When you're talking about a number of homeless," Deborah Hogan, Outreach Program Supervisor at SafePlace said.

During a woman or family's time at the shelter, they're looking for new housing, and the Siouxland Sleepout gives each organization no set rules for how they use the money.

Willie Delfs, Co-Founder of Siouxland Sleepout said, "We dispense the funds, then each agency is allowed to make their best decisions on how to use that."

The founders say that SafePlace has been benefiting from the Sleepout for over a decade.

Cindy Wood, Co-Founder of the Siouxland Sleepout said, "as part of my working in outreach with the homeless, it was pointed out that some people claim to be victims of domestic violence just to get into their program."

Taylor Deckert asked, "What does that say about the homeless who are just desperate to get off the street?" Wood answered, "It's total desperation. At that point, they're willing to do just about anything to get in out of the elements."

Hogan added,"I think about how difficult it is in this community today. To find housing for homeless individuals. It feels like a miracle every time it happens."

Grants for the program help with rent assistance, but the organization also uses the money from the Sleepout as a flex fund.

Hogan said, "Either just needed new tires on their car, right? Maybe they had a professional license that had expired and needed to get renewed and they needed funding to do that. Maybe they just needed work clothing. The ability to have a funding stream that doesn't have to be used in a specific way. That's pretty unique. That doesn't always happen. And that allows us to really meet that person where they're at."

All month we will be highlighting different organizations and the impact they have beyond the sleepout.

Registration is now open for the Siouxland Sleepout.

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