School bus crashes into laundromat

School bus crashes into laundromat

A school bus has crashed into a laundromat on the 2700 block of Floyd Blvd.

Police responded to the accident just before 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

There were no kids on the bus and no one was inside the laundromat.

The bus driver, James Fields, 62, was transported to the hospital just to be checked out.

Sioux City Police say he will be charged with failure to maintain control and using an electronic device while driving.

Damages to the laundromat are estimated to be $15,000 and estimated bus damages are $8,000.

"Complete disbelief. It was a little alarming and then we of course worried about gas and utility lines and hazard to people," Express Laundry owner Amanda Beller.

"It is good news. He was wearing his seat belt. We had to cut it off him. That's probably part of the reason why he wasn't injured as much as he was but other than that, no it was, we lucked out on this one," said SCPD Officer Jacob Noltze.

The owners of the laundromat say they'll be repairing all the damage and re-open once those repairs are complete.

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