Sergeant Bluff City Council decides to uphold pitbull ban after weeks of discussion

Sergeant Bluff City Council decides to upload pitbull ban after weeks of discussion

In a 4 to 1 vote tonight, the council voted to keep their pitbull ban which has been in place for 15 years.

The discussion on reversing the ban came after a resident requested a hearing about his dog, which had been found loose by police.

"We want to always be open and we want to make sure that people feel welcome when they come to a council meeting. If they have an opinion, they're more than free to express that opinion and we have spent a lot of time but the end result is the ordinance will stay in place as is," said Carol Clark, a council member.

"I think the council did a very good job doing their research and asking the community about the issue," said Alyssa Stankoski.

"They actually took my concerns and everything very true to heart. And they helped out the best they could," said Sam Vice.

"I think the city did the right thing, made the right decision," said Greg Trucke.

The council also added, this decision is based on surveys and public opinion, as well as the safety for residents.

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