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Sick and injured Ash trees to be removed in South Sioux

Siouxland - Removing Ash trees
Siouxland - Removing Ash trees
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South Sioux City is working to fight the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer into the Siouxland area.

Workers are in the process of removing several sick or injured ash trees in the city that would be the beetle's first targets when it arrives.

And they're donating the wood to students from the University of Nebraska, who plan to use it in community improvement projects.

Steven Rasmussen of Nebraska Forest Service said, "Yeah the reason that green Ash tree are being targeted for removal the damaged ones the city of South Sioux City is proactive in starting to remove the poor trees that could be affected by the Emerald Ash Boar It has not been found or confirmed in the Siouxland area."

The largest parts of the removed trees will be turned into lumber by a portable sawmill, and used later this year to build a cabin in the Sioux Sioux City Community Orchard.

Smaller parts will be turned into firewood or chipped up for biomass.

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