"Simulation in Motion" teaches EMS providers on the move

"Simulation in Motion" teaches EMS providers on the move

Nebraska is offering a free way to train EMS providers and Tuesday night, South Sioux City got a chance to train in a new "Simulation In Motion".

This truck is equipped with an emergency department room and an ambulance module as well as resuscitation equpiment, defibrillators, medication and more.

EMS providers operated on two manikin simulators to recreate real life scenarios.

"It's very hard to recreate EMS scenarios and in that lab those manikins, you can take a pulse, you can check their pupils. They have a blood pressure. Stuff that we couldn't recreate on a normal manikin, they can do in the back of the truck," said SSC EMS Captain Qwinn Wright.

There are pre-programmed computerized medical and trauma scenarios and monitors which display vital signs of patient simulators.

After the providers finished working, they would de-brief and discuss what went well and what they could improve on.

"I think this level of training is unprecedented. Even in your initial EMT and paramedics certification training, there's nothing that's this realistic," Wright said.

The staff on the truck are licensed and experienced health professionals.

SIM-NEs (Simulation In Motion-Nebraska) are based in Southeast, Central, Western and Northeast Nebraska.

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