Sioux City City Council Election Results

Sioux City City Council Election Results

The polls are closed and the results are coming in for Iowa's municipal elections, including a couple races of interest here in Woodbury County.

Sioux City, where three seats on the City Council are up for election with all but precincts reporting.

It looks like incumbents Pete Groetken, Dan Moore and Alex Watters will all retain their seats.

Challengers Doug Waples, Jake Jungers and Dennis Quinn all falling short.

"Tonight was an exciting night for me. I'm overwhelmed with the response, the support that I have from the voters of Sioux City," said Moore.

"It's a good sign that they re-elected me and we'll be able to continue to do a lot of good things in the next four years," said Groetken.

"Thank you for being here tonight. Thank you for all the voters that supported me. The people that reached out, gave me ideas, encouraged me," said Watters.

All three winners say they look forward to continue their work on the Council.

"I feel really good. More than double the numbers, absentee ballots were higher than previous. First time on the campaign, I feel really good and I look towards the future," said Jungers.

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