Sioux City Fire Rescue implements new Fire Station Alerting System

    Sioux City Fire Rescue implements new Fire Station Alerting System

    Thanks to funding from the 911 Service Board, Sioux City Fire Rescue and the Woodbury County Communications Center have a new Fire Station Alerting System.

    After practicing with the new system for a few weeks, Sioux City Fire Rescue has now implemented it full time.

    The new voice of alert for Sioux City Fire Rescue is a voice much clearer and easier to understand for the fire fighters.

    "Sometimes our radios are not in the most conducive spot to hearing, background noises, different areas of buildings we get into, so this gives us a consistent voice that we can always hear and understand very readily," said Fire Marshal, Mark Aesoph.

    With a price tag right around a quarter of a million dollars, the Phoenix G2 Alerting System sends information through an internet connection and over the radio.

    Inside the fire station LED message boards are used to display the location and the call type.

    Aesoph said, "So if you're in a loud environment such as out here where our rigs are parked, it's many times hard to hear. So at least you can glance up at that sign and have an accurate reflection on what you're going to and what the address is."

    One of the new systems most beneficial tool is its ability to cut down the time it takes for the dispatcher to actually process the calls.

    "By using the computer to voice out to us that dispatcher that may be taking the 911 call has the ability to stay on the line with the person," said Aesoph.

    By staying on the line, the dispatcher can then give the person calling better instructions or collect information on locations.

    In turn having this better line of dialogue and new system will cut down response times, that's because the call processing time, or how long it takes for the dispatcher to answer the call and relay information back to the station.

    This time will reduce using this system.

    Aesoph said, "A fire will double in size approximately every thirty seconds inside your home. So by shaving fifteen to thirty seconds off of our response time it's huge. I mean that is a much smaller fire that we are arriving to which produces greater likelihood of good outcomes."

    Every station in Sioux City has the new system, the calls get broadcast to each station.

    That is until after hours, then it will only go to the corresponding station closest to the incident.

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