Sioux City Police Chief defends firework response

Sioux City Police Chief defends firework response

Between June 30th and July 8th there were more than 400 calls to the police department regarding fireworks.

Of those 422 calls, officers only issued three citations but did issue several verbal warnings as well.

Chief Mueller told the City Council this afternoon the calls ranged in nature from after hours use to people discharging in the street.

He says he thinks the citizens are still adjusting to this year's two- day period that replaced last year's extended period of use but overall he feels his officers handled the fireworks calls appropriately.

"So the question was for the officers is do I stop and reach these calls and try and make an impact and move on to the next one or do I issue a lot of citations? It's kind of a double edge sword so I think officers used discretion to get people to comply voluntarily and moved on to the next call for service. When you have so many calls and so few officers working it's always a challenge," says Chief Mueller.

Chief Mueller says during this period of time several of his staff was out for injury, military deployment and other reasons.

Mayor Bob Scott says citizens who made calls to the department were cooperative with police, despite the short staff.

"But I would say this, the people who complained to us I though were very civil, they were understanding, they made very good points you know wanting to give our police an opportunity to respond and that's why I think it was a better year all and all."

Chief Mueller and the city council says they're working together to make sure next years holiday goes smoothly.

Mueller says out of all the calls, none of them were for injuries.

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