Sioux City woman surprised by lottery win

Maraya Griffin of Sioux City won one of the top prizes in a lottery Bonus Crossword Scratch game.

Sioux City woman wins $30,000 lottery prize.

Maraya Griffin, 23, claimed one of the top prizes available in the Iowa Lottery’s “Bonus Crossword” scratch game.

Griffin initially thought her prize was much smaller. She was shocked when she returned to the gas station to check her ticket.

“I missed two words on it,” she said. “I thought it was only going to be $300, so it was a complete shock. So always get your tickets checked!”

She said she plans to purchase a new car and save a large portion of the winnings for her infant son.

She purchased her winning ticket at Sam’s Mini Mart, 4218 Morningside Ave. in Sioux City.

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