Sioux City Woman wins H&R Block Sweepstakes

H&R Block Winner

Tax season just got a little less stressful for a Sioux City woman.

That's because Roberta Montanez , seen on the RIGHT of your screen, won $1,000 as part of an H&R Block Sweepstakes. The tax preparation firm is giving away $1,000 to a thousand people every day until February 15th. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is file your taxes in a participating office.

Elizabeth Stewart, District General Manager said, "It is so exciting to know that we have a local winner here in Sioux City. Our Tax Pro was really excited when we got to notify our client that they actually won. A thousand dollars a lot to everybody we are just really excited for her and her family."

Sioux City's winner says the prize comes at a very opportune time for her and her family.

"I am going to be giving some to of it to my sister, my dad, my mom, my kids, and also renewing my plates and hopefully fixing the windshield on my car," said Roberta.

Again, this giveaway runs until February 15th.

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