Sioux City's Boys and Girls Home cut the ribbon on a place they will soon call home

Sioux City's Boys and Girls Home cut the ribbon on a place they will soon call home

Today Tyson foods gave a 350,000 dollar grant to The Boys and Girls Home and Family services to support a move to a new location.

A crowd filled with excitement and gratitude gathered down at the old Indian Hills shopping center.

The Boys and Girls Home and Family Services announced plans to develop a brand new health campus at the site of the old shopping plaza.

President and CEO of the boys and girls home, Art Silva, was thrilled to speak about the future.

Silva said, "This is a win win for the community as we repurpose an old shopping plaza and neighborhood with new life."

The development will include a 25,600 square foot school which will be built in the old sunshine super value market as well as a family services center and a residential treatment center for counseling and therapy services.

Mayor Bob Scott says this state of the art facility will likely be recognized nation wide and we should be honored to have in our community.

"I want to commend the boys and girls home and family services because mental health for young people is something that's really lacking in not only our community but in this country", Scott said.

The building will be named for a volunteer who has been with the Boys and Girls Home for more than four decades. Her name is Ginny Peterson.

"I feel a lot of gratefulness, I can tell you truthfully that my work with boys and girls homes, I have loved. If you love kids, all you can hope for for them and what you wish for them is to be healthy children", Peterson said.

The time of completion is contingent upon fundraising. The organization has already raised 3 million dollars in hopes that it will be finished by 2021.

The total estimated cost of the project is 6 million dollars.

Part of the proceeds from the new thrift store will go to help pay for the renovations to the Indian Hills complex.

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