Sioux City's top cop reflects on career before retirement

Sioux City's top cop reflects on career before retirement

He's a long- serving Sioux City lawman and he's getting ready to call it a career.

Doug Young has been a police officer in Sioux City since 1980, spending the last nine years as the city's top cop.

From a young eager cop, fresh out of college to the current Police Chief, Doug Young has accomplished many things throughout his tenure in the police department.

Now Young thinks it's time for him to step aside and let new blood come into the department, leaving them with this advice.

"Maintain a good attitude, don't take anything personal just move right along. And do what your gut tells you to do. Follow through with that and I think things will be just fine," said Chief Young.

Young says over his nine years as police chief he is most pleased with how active the department has been in the community.

Young said, "It's done us a great service to be out there with the community because at times when there's crisis, some issues, I can always count on the community to support this organization."

Having been with the department for thirty seven years Chief Young has certainly seen his ups and downs, but on the verge of his retirement he's happy with the current state of the department.

"I think I'm leaving the department in good hands, I've been able to promote good leadership. So I've got no concerns when I leave. I think the department is in very good hands with the leadership that's been established," continued Chief Young.

While the department is in good shape, there is still one thing left Chief Young would like to see the department do moving forward.

Young said, "I think we need to continue to work towards body cameras. I think eventually law enforcement will be going that route just as they did with cameras inside police cars, you're going to see cameras on officers also and that's just the way things are moving."

And now that's it's all said and done, Young just gave his final thoughts on his time as Police Chief.

"It's been a great ride for me and I hope I've done a service for this community by being in this position. That's the number one thing is that they can reflect back and say hey that guy did a pretty good job," said Young.

Chief Young is set to offically retire at the end of August.

The city has named four finalists to replace him, with the hiring process now in its final stages.

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