Sioux River Region Board discuss future budgets that concern Woodbury County

Sioux River Region Board discuss future budgets that concern Woodbury County

The Sioux River Region Board met today to discuss what could happen when and if Woodbury County leaves the region.

Tensions were high when it came to discussing future budgets for the region.

With the budget season coming up, the region needed to decide how they were going to move forward.

Proposed ideas were making two budgets; one with Woodbury County incorporated and one without.

Another issue was a big check that was to go to the Friendship House, a building located in Woodbury County; something Sioux and Plymouth county would lose access to if Woodbury county leaves.

"Sioux and Plymouth County voted against Woodbury County's position which is the Friendship House, which is run by Siouxland Mental Health in downtown Sioux City should be funded. We're still part of the region through June 30th," said Jeremy Taylor, Woodbury County Supervisor.

This was just one of the hot button issues the board had to deal with and these are the kinds of issues that make it tougher for the board moving forward.

"It's difficult to predict or put figures in, to know what part of your budget needs to be pulled out cause it goes there and what part doesn't, and bottom line is we got to make sure we are taking care of the clients," said Mark Loutsch, Chair of Sioux Rivers Region Board of Governors.

And that was a sentiment Supervisor Jeremy Taylor also agreed with, the people in these three counties are taken care of the right way.

Taylor also said Woodbury County is looking to join the Rolling Hills region, saying he was excited about the prospects of joining that region moving forward.

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