Siouxland community honors Pearl Harbor with special ceremony

Siouxland community honors Pearl Harbor with special ceremony

Flags across Siouxland flying at half- staff today in honor of the thousands of Americans killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on this day 76 years ago.

A remembrance ceremony was held in Hawaii this afternoon at the USS Arizona Memorial.

December 7th, 1941 or as you said the day Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor, will be a day that will live on in infamy.

And with that people have been paying tribute to that day in their own way.

At the Whispering Creek Retirment Home they held a special program that included music, taps, a twenty one gun salute, and prayer for the fallen.

As the Commander of a local American Legion post says, it's important to honor and hear the stories of men and woman who have served for our country.

"We can do lots of things and try to talk in movies and in books and other forms of media about the experience. Nothing can ever replace the story of a man or a woman who was there and lived it," said American Legion Post 697 Commander Rene Lapierre.

In the spirit of what Commander Lapierre said, we talked with a world war two vet.. to see how he feels about programs like the one held today.

"Nice that they are honoring us. I never thought I would live this long, wouldn't be able to see any of this kind of stuff. I appreciate it," said World War II Veteran Jack Jessip.

Commander Lapierre said today is just a great day to give thanks to not only people who were serving Pearl Harbor but all veterans.

He also said a day like December 7th is important to the history of the United States, as it was the day the United States became a world power, not by choice but by an act of war.

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