Siouxland prepares for another snow storm

Siouxland prepares for another snow storm

Due to that snow storm coming Saturday, Sioux City and South Sioux City have issued snow emergencies for their respective cities.

"It's to make people aware that we are going to be out there in force. And that we would really need their cooperation, it makes things go so much better, so much smoother," said South Sioux City Public Works Director, Bob Livermore.

"It helps us do a more efficient job of getting the streets plowed, really it's out there to make sure our downtown streets are clear of all parking and in our heavily parked streets, so we're switching sides, allows our plow drivers a lot more access on a lot of our older narrower streets," said Sioux City Public Works Director, David Carney.

For Sioux City officials this is becoming quite the regular occurrence.

Snow removal has been an ongoing issue for the city, winter storms have hit Sioux City quite frequently, racking up almost 28-inches of snow total through the winter and fall seasons.

With all that snow, removal has been slow and steady with the snow budget feeling most of the affects.

"For this fiscal year we allocated about 1.4 million, today we expended just over a million, so we're a little over 2/3rds of the way through the budget," said Carney.

The Cities snow removal budget has been drained due to these snow storms, if the budget were to run out, where does money come from when the next snow fall comes?

"Obviously we will be doing other things like pothole patching and street patching and things like that so obviously if our guys are expending labors hours doing that some of those other labor hours will go down. But the overtime hours we're going to have to offset it with getting into our fund balances and things like that."

Carney also said the most of the cost for snow removal is evenly split between labor and materials.

He also said the budget was hit hard during January's massive snow storm which ate up $300,000 alone.

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