Siouxland school's choir earns right to sing with Foreigner

Siouxland school's choir earns right to sing with Foreigner

It's a chance of a lifetime for a Siouxland High School Choir, performing with legendary rock band Foreigner.

I spent the morning with the choir to see how they felt about sharing the stage with the group and singing part of the band's iconic song "I Want to Know What Love is."

Practice is underway for the Crofton High School Choir, these eighteen students will be performing with the eighties rock band Foreigner when their show comes to the Orpheum Theatre on Friday.

"I can't even believe we got this opportunity," said one choir student.

Another choir student said, "I was really excited and their an iconic band so I thought it was awesome."

Kaylee Koch, a sophomore said, "To be able to have the experience is once in a lifetime it really is. It's like, I don't know, it just makes me happy, just thinking about it."

This opportunity of a lifetime for this small school in Northeast Nebraska all started with a video.

"I told them this is really you advocating for yourself, you've got to tell people about it, if they don't know they can't vote for you and so that's really what it comes down to is they really pushed to get the word out," said vocal teacher. Katie Kleinschmit.

That video amassed over two thousand votes and with that, the Crofton Choir won a competition on the radio station 99.5, and it was official they were going to be singing with Foreigner.

Kleinschmit said her and the students are forever grateful for the support of the community, saying it was more of a community effort to get the choir into the show.

Haley Arens, a senior said, "We got in because it was our community, to be able to have that small town like push and drive is really neat and to see because we wouldn't be able to do this without the community and support that they gave us."

Now this choir who usually sings on what one teacher calls a gym-a-torium, will be singing with a rock band that's headlined shows throughout the world, so what's their teachers advice to them before the show starts?

"Soak it in, you will never have this chance again, take in the band, take in the audience, take in the venue, just take it all in," said Kleinschmit.

Foreigner will donate $500 to the Crofton choir, at the concert CD and DVD sets will be sold to help raise money for the Grammy Foundation, a charity that provides funds for high school music programs to help keep music education alive.

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