Siouxland students participate in Camp Invention

Siouxland students working on dog project at Camp Invention

School might have only been out for a week but these Siouxland students are putting their skills to the test at Camp Invention hosted by Dakota Valley Middle School.

More than one hundred Siouxland first through sixth graders had the chance to be a scientist or even an engineer this past week at Camp Invention.

The week long camp is held by the National Inventors Hall of Fame with the goal of helping kids find their "inner inventor."

"Is to get kids involved in the STEM activity science, technology, engineering and math and it's a lot of inventions," says Camp Invention Director Amy Clements.

Students had the chance to invent or build things with their hands, a hammer and nails, glue or even duct tape in the five different modules.

One student in particular says what she learned through Camp Invention is helping out her future career, even though she's only in 4th grade.

"An engineer because I like building my own things and working by myself most of the time," says 4th grader Leah Crombie.

Leah Crombie showed me around the Vet Tech module and her ideas on her invention.

"I'm drawing a little dog house with a swing," says Crombie.

She took me through the steps to achieve her dog swing.

"Yeah I'm going to do two strings right here holding a little platform," says Crombie.

After the help of volunteers and her classmates she was able to finish in just an hour.

Leah was proud of her invention and that's the overall goal the directors want to see at Camp Invention.

This is Dakota Valley Middle School's fourth year hosting Camp Invention.

Each year the program features a new curriculum inspired by our nation's inventors.

This year they're encouraging students to be confident in their ideas and explore their innovativeness.

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