Siouxlanders shine a light on ALS with ALS in the Heartland walk

Siouxlanders shine a light on ALS with ALS of the Heartland walk

More than 6,000 people are diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease every year.

Today, nearly 70 people came together for a walk to shine a light on the progressive and terminal disease.

Many families in attendance have seen firsthand how the disease has affected their loved ones.

For the more than 30 people on Team Daryl, they walk to not only carry on Daryl's legacy but to also bring awareness to ALS.

"My family has been deeply affected by this horrible disease but we are proud and honored to carry on, in his name, for such a great foundation as ALS in the Heartland is, they helped Daryl and our family through this horrible time," said Mari Beth Jackson.

ALS in the Heartland is a nonprofit agency that provides support to give individuals and their loved ones impacted by ALS the highest quality of life possible as they live with the disease.

"Everything that we raise goes to helping people with ALS in Nebraska and Western Iowa solely, so if people need something we are able to help them immediately. Once you meet someone with it, it just becomes such a small world. You meet more and more people who've been touched by it," said Tiffany Kresse with ALS in the Heartland.

If you would like to learn more about ALS visit: ALS in the Heartland

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